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Greetings! I‘m Danny — A curious person stricken with a insatiable thirst for knowledge. I currently reside in Arizona, a transplant from California where in 1986 I was assigned a nine digit number, a piece of paper with my birth details and raised. I have a cat named ‘Lucifer’; a black and white fuzz ball. Like most I have a passion for a number of things; music, food, art, nature, technology, craft beer, culture, tattoo‘s, body art, and so forth. I have been wrapping my mind around technology since I can remember and doing freelance tech work for over a decade.


Workshop — was born in late April of 2004 and has been the source of numerous projects. The content was, and still is ever changing. It‘s a playground, per se for new ideas, thoughts, and self expression written in lines of code and output into a visual design.